South Peninsula

South Peninsula Station is the most recently formed VWS Station, coming into creation in 2012 and assisting with their stand bys and fires in the same year. This station is still finding its feet as growth continues slowly drawing in more new recruits this year, and with the help hand of some dual members from the Newlands Station.

This station was primarily set up to reduce the response times to fires further south in the Cape Peninsula, as a large portion of fire fighting resources are located further north around Newlands and the city bowl. The new VWS Station has also assisted in patrolling fire prone areas over the weekends in an attempt to be able to get small wildfires out quicker. They responded a number of times during their first season while on these patrols.

As the Station Manager fondly says, “South Peninsula Station is the ‘virtual’ station” as a permanent base is being sought in the south of the Cape Peninsula. For their first fire season the members responded out of Newlands base, but as the station continues to grow and become more established down south, they are growing to become their ‘own’ station.

If you can help this new station getting set up in anyway, please contact Station manager Allan Roy.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list, please email

tel: +27 72 658 9209

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Meet the team

Bobby Muller
Station Manager

Team member description

Doug Hardy
Operations Manager

Team member description

Sophie Birkett
Safety & Compliance

Team member description

Grant Richardson
Training Manager

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Sophie Birkett
Logistics Manager

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Jo Ceasar
Member Services Manager

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Warwick Chapman
Marketing Manager

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What's happening at South Peninsula