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2022/23 Callouts


2022/23 Fires

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Community Funded

Born Out of Passion, Smoke, and Heat

In 1999/2000, a group of individuals united by the profound impact of intense and destructive wildfires initiated the Volunteer Wildfire Services (VWS). Nicknamed the Flamebusters, this team of dedicated volunteers formed in 2000 received invaluable support from the Table Mountain National Park management during its early stages. Guided by training from the Fire Management of TMNP and Cape Town’s official Fire Services, these passionate volunteers steadily expanded their wildfire expertise. Witness the inspiring journey of the VWS, born from a shared desire to combat wildfires and protect our natural treasures.

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Combating Wildfires

Donate to the VWS

Be a part of our mission to safeguard Cape Town’s beauty! Your support, big or small, strengthens firefighting and builds a resilient future. Together, we create lasting change, proving the might of collective action against environmental challenges. Thank you for considering VWS – your generosity fuels our success.

Join Us

Discover the soul-enriching journey with VWS. Embrace nature, ignite your conservation fervour, and combat wildfires for a lasting impact in your community. From seasoned enthusiasts to eager novices, join a tight-knit team that welcomes all. Forge profound connections and lasting friendships while making a difference that touches hearts. Unite, ignite, and let your emotions fuel the cause with VWS!

Support Us

At VWS, we rely on community support to provide an efficient firefighting service to Cape Town and its surroundings. Your generosity fuels our mission to safeguard lives, properties, and cherished landscapes from wildfires. Join compassionate individuals and businesses in making a difference through one-time or regular contributions. Your support enables us to maintain training, equipment, and swift responses to protect our environment and local communities. Together, we stand strong in this vital commitment.

Our Partners

Wildfire Suppression

Education and Awareness

Prescribed Burns

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