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Support the VWS

At VWS, our mission is fuelled by the unwavering support of our community. To keep protecting Cape Town and its surroundings, ongoing funding is vital. Your compassion and commitment to the environment make a significant difference. Contribute once or regularly to empower us in responding swiftly to wildfires, saving lives and precious landscapes. Every donation matters, fueling our dedicated volunteers’ crucial duties with top-notch training and equipment. 

Donations to the VWS earn companies and private individuals tax benefits and BEE points. The VWS is run by over 250 unpaid volunteers at 4 bases around Cape Town. We pride ourselves on good corporate governance and our financial statements are available on request.

Thank you for considering us. Please choose a payment method below and complete the details requested so that we can acknowledge your donation and process your tax certificate.

Once off and recurring donations

For a once off donation or if you would like to add a monthly scheduled payment from your bank account for a recurring donation, please use the banking details below:

Account Name: Volunteer Wildfire
Bank: First National Bank
Branch Code: 250655
Account Number: 627 5001 6521

Please use your name as a unique reference as well as sending us an email at so we can thank you for your valued contribution. (It also helps us keep track of incoming funding for the auditors).a

Other ways to Support Our Organisation

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MyPlanet partners will donate a percentage of your spend to the VWS, on your behalf without costing you a cent. Get your free MyPlanet card (no monthly fees, no costs to you!) and nominate the Volunteer Wildfire Services.

Swipe your card at our partner stores when you shop. They will donate a percentage of your purchases on your behalf.

Please use your cellphone number or email address as a reference so we can acknowledge your donation.

Secure Donation Services (SDS)

Secure Donation Services (SDS) is a full service agency, operating on behalf of the VWS


Donating via SMS is a quick and convenient way to make a meaningful impact. With just a few taps on your phone, you can support us. SMS donations are hassle-free, allowing you to contribute effortlessly in times of urgency or when you’re on the go.

SMS VWS and your name to 



to donate R25

For queries, please contact our Fundraising Director: